The following is a list of programs and services provided by HSC and are open to any interested municipality or organization seeking to add live theater to their venue or festival.  We are a non-profit, fully insured company that will work very closely with your organization to meet your needs.  All of our shows are self contained, single day or extended productions that can be suited to any playing space and generally require no special needs from a hosting organization or community.   We offer very affordable rates either for single or extended performances and references are available upon request.  If you are interested in any of the programs listed below, please click on the Contact Us tab to reach one of our representatives. 
Summer Shakespeare Festival in the Parks
Where it all began!  The oldest and primary stage program for the Hudson Shakespeare Company, our summer program of free Shakespeare in the parks began as staged readings for specific area parks in Jersey City, NJ and since has grown into a multi-city and multi-state tour for each of our summer productions.  HSC produces 4 full shows, one for each month of the summer.  While Shakespeare reigns supreme among our summer shows, HSC has also recently expanded into featuring other classical titles, such as our 2002 production of the Greek tragedy Antigone and plans to expand this repertoire for future seasons.  To view pictures and information concerning our summer programs please click on the Past Productions tab to view our past shows and the HSC Venues tab for information concerning all our current staging areas.
HSC Second Stage
Our Second Stage program produces a wide range of titles during the off-summer season (September-April).  While concentrating primarily on modern playwrights, we have begun in recent seasons to offer classical productions as well.  We have performed in such varied locations as city courtrooms, public library community rooms, civic centers and museums.   These shows, like our summer program are all self contained productions, that can brought in and taken out on a per performance basis and usually require no special arrangements from a hosting organization or venue.  Specialized shows utilizing a venue's lighting and sound system are also available with us through advanced arrangement.  To view pictures and information concerning our summer programs please click on the Past Productions tab to view our past shows and the HSC Venues tab for information on all our current staging areas.
Educational/Senior Showcases
As early as 1993, HSC produced shows geared specifically to meet the needs of special programs such as senior showings or school showcases.  Either our Summer Shakespeare Festival or Second Stage shows can be scheduled for daytime showings or matinees to meet these needs.  If you would like to book one of our Summer or Second Stage shows for a school or seniors program please view our Upcoming Shows page and get in touch prior to a production's scheduled run. 
HSC also provides customized showcases for classroom and assembly programs.  Depending on your needs or educational curriculum, we can produce programs featuring Shakespeare or other playwrights and authors that are currently being studied by your students.  Combined with question and answer sessions with the actors and hand outs featuring interesting subject matter information, these live performances are a great supplement to any classroom program.
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