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Home The main introductory page provides a brief description of the company mission and some pictures of past productions both indoor and outdoor.
Upcoming Shows The section provides calendar listings of all our upcoming productions.  It also will include links to show pages of the season's already completed productions.

The section is divided into our three main program areas

Shakespeare Festival

Second Stage indoor productions

School Showcases/Workshops

HSC Venues This directory provides information and pictures on all of the communities and individual venues in which Hudson Shakespeare performs.  The section is broken down into community pages which then link to the venues pages for that community.  Each venue page includes site photos, driving and public transportation directions and other site specific information. 

Example:  Click on the link for Stratford, CT will bring up a page that includes pictures, links and other information for that community.  Clicking on its sole venue Stratford Library will take you to it's venue page which includes photos of the location, related community links and directions.

All community and venue pages also include links to photo pages of past shows presented at those locations and any articles that have been written for those presentations.

Past Productions This page provides a directory of all of the company's past shows.  Show pages can be accessed either individually from the directory table or performance year by clicking the side tabs.  The year tabs go directly to a seasonal page which provides information and links for that specific season

All shows from 1998 on have their own individual show page which contain pictures or show information or both.  Information from shows before 1998, will only be listed by the year in which they were produced.  Example:  All shows performed in 1995 will be profiled on the 1995 page. 

Articles This section provides links to pages which contain either print or on-line articles written on past company productions. 
HSC Programs This page provides descriptions on all Hudson Shakespeare programs and their availability for booking by interested parties.  The section is broken down into the Shakespeare Festival, Second Stage indoor shows, and School Showcases and Workshops.
Shakespeare Library Our educational section for all things Shakespearean.  This section provides:


  1. On line text for all of Shakespeare's plays, poems and sonnets
  2. Commentaries on all the plays, poems and sonnets
  3. Character Directories with descriptions and histories for all of Shakespeare's characters, divided up by play
  4. Scene by Scene synopses for all of the plays.
  5. A Shakespeare Biography
  6. Information on Shakespeare's theaters
  7. Links to other Shakespeare related sites which include other theaters, festivals, and educational related items.
Actor Resources This small section provides listings for any audition opportunities that HSC currently has available.  When there is no active listing, actors may submit their information through the contact information on this page.
About us/Contact us This section provides our contact phone numbers, addresses and e-mails, a brief overview of the company and our active board members and officers.
Links This page provides links to city and state links to communities in which we perform and other local and regional theaters.
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