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Agnes of God

by John Pielmier

Directed by Kirsten Garver

June 2-11, 1995

In 1995, HSC returned from its year-long hiatus and followed up on the use of Grace Van Vorst Evangelical and decided to produce a second church themed showing, only this time the very dramatic and thought provoking piece - Agnes of God.  Historic St. John's Lutheran church in Hoboken was used as the background for this showing in June 1995.  Most famous as the wedding site of Billie Burke (Glinda, the good witch from The Wizard of OZ), HSC transformed the church sanctuary into the site of one its most dramatic and amazing productions.  As with previous new directors,  Kristen Garver had worked with company regulars as part of New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players and was interested in working on her directing interests. 


Above, Dr. Livingston (J.F. Garcia) first meeting with the reclusive Agens (Kim Morris), while the Mother Superior (Dorcy Wynant) looks on.

Agnes of God follows the story of an unusual murder mystery, set within the confines of a convent.  Agnes (Kim Morris) is a devout, innocent young nun accused of infanticide. As a psychiatrist - herself a lapsed Catholic - Dr. Margaret Livingston (J. F. Garcia) and the Mother Superior (Dorcey Wynant) struggle over Agnes' fate, the play plunges deeply into the mystery of faith and the consequence of the truth.


Left, Dr. Livingston (J.F. Garcia)  has a friendly chat with the Mother Superior (Dorcy Wynant).  Right, Agnes (Kim Morris) vents her anger.


Above, the Mother Superior reminds Agnes of her duties to the church.


Character Actor
Dr. Margaret Livingston J.F. Kirz
Agnes Kim Morris
Mother Superior Dorcey Wynant


St. John's Lutheran Church, Hoboken, NJ



Much Ado                   As You

About Nothing             Like It

                   By William Shakespeare

Directed by                                             Directed by

Dominick Buccafusco                           Denise Cintron

July, 1995                                                                    August, 1995

"I would my horse had                      "We that are true 

the speed of your tongue"                  lovers run into

                                                    strange capers"

Lightening up a little for the outdoor showings, 1995 marked the return of Shakespeare in the Parks with two related productions of He said, She said.   When it came to choosing what would be their next summer productions, HSC decided to bring together two works with a common theme and takes on love and that would translate well to outdoor settings.  Much Ado About Nothing & As You Like It, picked up where Taming of the Shrew left off with both shows taking a stab at the subject of love, romance and courtship and how the play out in society in its serious and funny consequences from each gender's point of view.  With Much Ado About Nothing, Dominick Buccafusco, a professor with Jersey City State University, was brought in to direct the battle of the sexes romp with two people who are so obviously in love with each other except to themselves.  Pictured below are Tina Lane as Beatrice and Joesph Penczak as Benedick  from a rehearsal that took place in Church Square Park in Hoboken, NJ.   

To view on-line play text, character descriptions, play synopsis and other information on the plays our Much Ado About Nothing and As You Like it sections in our on-line Shakespeare Library.


Denise Cintron, director of Mass Appeal, took on the challenge of bringing the forest of Arden to life.  An effect that played out well in some of our woodsy locales.  With its quirky characters, and offbeat romances, this play more than among the rest of the cannon both praises and parodies love and courtship.    Previous company outings had featured only certain parks or venues with no repeat performances across a summer calendar usually treating each production as their own entity.  The double bill of "Studies in love - Shakespeare style" attempted to bring all of the participating venues under one banner.  Since then, any season has worked to incorporate as much as possible the same sites into each summer production. 


60th Street Park West New York, NJ

Lincoln Park Jersey City, NJ

Old Bergen Church Jersey City, NJ

Grundy Pier, Jersey City, NJ

Hamilton Park - Jersey City, NJ

Braddock Park North Bergen, NJ

Church Square Park Hoboken, NJ

Elysian Park Hoboken, NJ

Columbus Park - Hoboken, NJ


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