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Stratford Day
Merchant of Venice
King Lear
Measure for Measure




In 2002 HSC celebrated 10 years in existence and also marked a major turning point in the life of the company in both physical expansion and artistic endeavors.  In prior seasons, we had grown from a local theater group producing a handful of yearly productions expanding across its home of Hudson County, NJ with a few ventures into NYC to a continuing yearly program of Shakespeare in the Parks running June, July and August and indoor showings at various venues.  However, due to several inquiries from patrons seeing our summer showings and a growing on-line presence, HSC was able to expand its touring schedule significantly.  During this year, we added several new communities, some in other New Jersey counties and also into neighboring Connecticut.  Our indoor programs, which were usually limited to one or two venues, expanded to mirror the outdoor programs, by performing in a wide array of venues.   Please click on the side links to see pictures and information from our 2002 shows.   


Antigone              Stratford Day

The Merchant of Venice

King Lear                      Measure for Measure



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