Comedy of Errors

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Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Duane Langely

"There's many a man hath more hair than wit"

August 12-28, 1998

For the last summer show, Hudson Shakespeare continued on its twins theme and produced the show with not one but two sets of identical twins.  Comedy of Errors, follows the story of Aegeon (R.S. Call), an ancient merchant seeking to find his son Antipholus (James Herrera) in the city of Epheseus that he lost at sea several years earlier.  Along with the son, another twin was lost, Dromio, (Jesse Green) who's father was a servant to Ageon.  Struggling to keep his life against a law that deems it illegal for anyone of his country to travel in Epheseus, he recounts his tale to the sympathetic Duke (Duane Langely).  While the Duke can do nothing to change the law, his sympathy for the aged Aegeon allows him to raise bond money to free him.  Traveling with him is his other son named Antipholus (Paul Campbell) and their other servant Dromio (Kathy Connelly), who are unaware of Aegeon's plight.  As they search through the town, each member of the pair meets up with the other's respective twin, not knowing its actually someone else.  Hilarity and mistaken identity ensues as Antipholus of Syracuse tries to seduce, Luciana (Miranda Herbert), a woman who happens to be his sister in law, but dismays his brother's wife Adriana (Courtney Fain).  While the other Antipholus is a womanizer, he gets blamed with seducing the wrong woman and is attempted to be cured of his ways by the quack doctor Dr. Pinch (Chanda Rule), here played as a voodoo practitioner.  Set in present day Florida instead of ancient Greece, the production used actors who were dressed alike and not necessarily looked alike to tell the story.   Duane Langely, who had previously appeared in Witness for the Prosecution returned to helm this production.  The following pictures were taken at Donnelly Park in West New York, NJ

Above, an early scene where Dromio of Epheseus (Jesse Green-left), waits for her master who told her to wait at the Phoenix tavern.  While left, Antipholus of Syracuse (Paul Campbell) is entertained by his brother's wife Adriana (Courtney Fain) and Luciana (Miranda Herbert) .  Instead at center, Antipholus of Epheseus (James Herrera) encounters the other Dromio (Kathy Connelly) and wonders what has happened.

The exorcism scene:  Dr. Pinch (Chanda Rule) fights to free her quarry from those "evil spirits" and brings in most of the community at the same time along with the Courtezan (Lea Antolini) and the officer (Michael Dulev) during the exorcism scene.  Below, the dramatic meeting with Aegeon (R.S. Call) in the Duke's court.



Another shot of the exorcism of Antipholus of Epheseus by Dr. Pinch,


Character Actor
Luciana Miranda Herbert
Dromio of Epheseus Kathy Connolly
Dromio of Syracuse Jesse Green
Aegeon R.S. Call
Antipholus of Syracuse Paul Campbell
Antipholus of Epheseus James Herrera
Adriana Courtney Fain
1st & 2nd Merchants Carl Furst
Angelo Jon Ciccarelli
Courtezan Lea Antolini
Luce Karma Tiffany
Aemilia Marian Sarach
Officer Michael Dulev
Duke Duane Langely
Dr. Pinch Chanda Rule


Leonard Gordan Park Jersey City, NJ

Riverview Fisk Park, Jersey City, NJ

Sinatra Park Hoboken, NJ

Church Square Park Hoboken, NJ

Elysian Park Hoboken, NJ

60th Street Park West New York, NJ


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