The Crucible

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The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

Directed by Jessa Kelly

October 28 - November  14, 1999

Returning to OLC Victory hall in Jersey City to continue with the 1999 indoor season, Hudson Shakespeare presented another classic of the American stage - Arthur Miller's, The Crucible.  Following the story of John Proctor, a proud and intelligent man who has an affair with a vengeful and ambitious young girl, Abigail Williams, set against the Salem Witch trials of 1692.  The play follows the town of Salem beginning as a peaceful, god fearing lot who then descend into an ever escalating hysteria that condemns 14 people to hang for crimes they didn't commit and lets their accusers go free.  Written as a response to the blind "patriotism" of Senator Joesph McCarthy and his sweeping movement to identify and condemn all communist and communist sympathizers in the country.  While the issues that spurred Miller to write this dramatic piece have drifted into history, the play still resonates as a warning against being swallowed up in popular political waves and the sometimes fatal consequences that can come of such actions.  At another level, the show also plays out as a thrilling piece of historical drama.  Though some historical facts are changed to suit the dramatic structure of the play, the show gives a look into a rare piece of America's early past.

Director Jessa Kelly, who had previously played Portia in Julius Caesar earlier in the season, decided to again take what has now become a staple of HSC shows and use non traditional casting choices with several main characters.  While keeping the show in its Puritan and time period setting, Kelly creating a Salem "world", which had people from many different backgrounds all afflicted with the same passions and problems. 

(Photos to follow)


OLC Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ


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