The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Bonnie Masters

May 7-23, 1999

Hudson Shakespeare followed up Prelude to a Kiss with a second indoor showing again in the venues of OLC Victory Hall and the 5 Corners Library Theater, The Glass Menagerie.  One of the most famous and poignant dramas of the 20th century theater, the story follows a semiautobiographical arc for Williams as he dramatized his strained relationship with mother and mentally impaired sister.  Through the fictional Wingfield family, showed people out of step with the world around them and out of step with themselves.  Told in a series of commentaries and flashbacks, the character of Tom played by Tom Verguson, is both chorus and character is his own play.  Almost playing out in his own memory, the scenes come fast and subtly at the same time, set to period music and special lighting.  The show examines the personal prisons and restrictions we build for ourselves, trying to break free and the tragedy of never be released.  All pictures here were taken in performance at OLC Victory Hall.  This production was also notable that a good portion of the proceeds went to help the recovery of local resident that was victim of a violent crime.  To see the accompanying article - click here.   


Top left, Amanda (Dorcey Wynant) tries to earn extra money for her family by selling magazine subscriptions.  Top right, Tom in one of the plays many chorus like monologues.



Bottom left, "Pieces of a broken rainbow", Laura (Emily Rabateau) plays with her menagerie of glass animals.   Bottom right, a precarious evening, Tom stumbles home drunk to be found by Laura.


Character Actor
Tom Wingfield Tom Verguson
Amanda Wingfield Dorcey Wynant
Laura Wingfield Emily Rabateau
Gentleman Caller Stephen Alloi


OLC Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ

5 Corners Library Theater, Jersey City, NJ


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