Inherit the Wind

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the Wind

By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Directed by Carl Furst

 Dates:   October 23 November 12, 1998

Hudson Shakespeare finished out the 1998 season by returning to Hoboken City Courtroom with another courtroom drama and an American classic - Inherit the Wind.  The dramatization of the infamous Scopes Monkey trial that pitted two of the most famous Americans of their time in issues still be fought about today.  William Jennings Bryan, a career political man, sought to drive Darwinism out of a small town school system of Dayton, Tennessee, when a local high school teacher, John Scopes,  taught the subject instead of the idea of creationism.  Defending the school teacher was, the most famous trial lawyer of his time Clarence Darrow.  Always bucking the system and making his reputation on winning lost cause cases Darrow, took up the fight against what seemed like a natural nemesis and long time friend.  All of the proceedings were covered by, one of the more acidic and honest pens of the period, H. L. Mencken.  All three of these personalities are captured in this powerful play that captures the circus atmosphere that was the Scopes trial, but the larger forces that were at work in the period.  The dying of a particular breed of politician that was embodied by Bryant for a simple type of folk that was growing too sophisticated and was ceasing to exist. 

Carl Furst, who had appeared previously in the season as Sebastian in Twelfth Night and both merchants in the Comedy of Errors, eagerly took up the helm as director of this powerful and complicated piece.  R. S. Call who had also appeared as Aegeon in Comedy of Errors returned to embody the heartened persona of the Bryant character as Mathew Harrison Brady.  Showing the timelessness and universality of the piece, Furst incorporated some non traditional casting for several roles.  Two notable choices were the casting of African Americans as the Rev. Brown (Charles J. Roby) and his daughter Rachel Brown (Janine Green).  To see an accompanying show article, click here.

Performance pictures to follow.



Hoboken City Courtroom Hoboken, NJ


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