Laughter...23rd Floor

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Laughter on

the 23rd Floor

By Neil Simon

Directed by Paula Galloway

May 5-21, 2000

For the second offering of the 2000 season, HSC delved into the funny and poignant Neil Simon comedy of Laughter on the 23rd Floor.  Dramatizing Simon's time on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, the play encapsulates the trials of a group of young comedy writers during the turbulent McCarthy era and putting together an hour and a half comedy show in the early days of television.  Set on the fictional Max Prince (Danny Ganz) show, the story follows the doings of a novice young writer Lucas (Carl Furst, who previously directed 1998's Inherit the Wind) who is thrust into the crazy and neurotic world of Max's writers.  Stressed out head writer Val (Jon Ciccarelli), the ever in trouble with his wife and the boss Milt, Val's right hand man Kenny, the only woman amongst the cigar chomping boys, Carol, the only Irish guy on the team - Brian (Erik Barkheimer) and the king of the hypochondriacs Ira (Carlos Fernandez).  All balanced by the ditsy secretary played by Karen Hallock.  As Lucas tries to get his bearings amongst this crazy crew beating on one up's man ship contests and tossing shoes out a 23rd story window, Max fights to keep his show on the air.  Ever dealing with the pressure of the times to conform and get high ratings, Max takes pills to calm down or stay focused, neither of which he does very well.  Spans a period of two years where ever more so the creative spirit is dampened by ever tightening budgets and constrictive political environment, the team goes through several neurotic breakdowns, a massive pregnancy and holding on to each other as a second family.  Side splittingly funny and tearfully touching, Simon's take on his real life counterparts during one the most creative and turbulent times in the entertainment industry is a true modern classic.  Directed by Paula Galloway, who previously co-directed the season's first production of The Fantasticks.


OLC Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ


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