Prelude to a Kiss

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Prelude to a Kiss

by Craig Lucas

Directed By Janine Flood

February 12-21, 1999

Beginning its 1999 season, HSC produced the quirky romantic comedy with a supernatural twist.  Prelude to a Kiss.  This modern love story about finding that perfect someone in the sea of "wonderful dates" and then losing them and reminds us to savor every moment of life, because that is the only time that it will ever come.  Janine Flood, who had appeared as Puck in 1998's A Mid Summer Nights Dream returned to helm the show.  To view an accompanying article for the show, click here.  The show followed the story of Peter (Mike Mathis), a guy who just couldn't find the right person in all of his dating ventures until he happened upon Rita (Sarah Peters) and fell helplessly in love.  Everything seemed to go smoothly until the wedding day which took an unexpected twist.  An uninvited guest in the guise of a mysterious old man, played by R.S. Call, pays a call to the young couple during the reception.  All he wanted to do was kiss the bride. 

In that instant everything changed.  Peter knew that something was different but just couldn't put his finger on it.  All during their honeymoon and first few weeks of marriage, he felt like he was living with another person, it turns out that he was right. Somehow in the instant of that kiss, the old man and Rita switched bodies.  Peter knew the truth but had to find "Rita" to prove it.  In the end, all the old man wanted was a second chance to do things over, this time the right way.  The play examines what it means to be happy, in love and living each moment to its fullest.  All shots below were taken at OLC Victory Hall in Jersey City. 


Rita (Sarah Peters) and Peter (Mike Mathis) share a quiet evening.

The couple's wedding and honeymoon scenes


R.S. Call as the character Rita sits and listens to Peter's attempt to talk with her father played by George Rex.


OLC Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ

5 Corners Library Theater, Jersey City, NJ


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