Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare

Directed by L.. Robert Johnson

"Now by the world, it is a lusty wench"

May 14-May 22, 2003

Kicking off the 2003 season, Hudson Shakespeare was asked by the Hackensack Recreation and Cultural Department to be part of their spring showcase which is presented in their newly renovated Cultural Arts Center.  HSC decided to revive an old favorite to commence the season at the arts center and also have a split outdoor run with the same show.  L. Robert Johnson returned to direct the play that he had used to begin the company several years prior.  The approach to the show was still the same work at your comedy, but give real people in the process never caricatures.  The following shots were taken at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center.  

To view on-line play text, character descriptions, play synopsis and other information on Taming of the Shrew visit our Taming of the Shrew section in our on-line Shakespeare Library.

Baptista (Charles J. Roby - center), Gremio (Richard Brundage, right) and Tranio (Lydia Schmidt) listen to Petruchio attentively of his "successful" wooing of Kate. 

An approving father gives his blessing to his less than pleased daughter Kate (Diana Hawthorne)

The studious tutors Lucentio (Jon Ciccarelli - left) & Hortensio (Arol Jahns) vie for the hand of Kate's sister, Bianca..

"Sympathetic" baby sister Bianca comforts Kate as the wedding party await the late groom.

Petruchio (Tim Foley) holds food just out of reach of the ravenous Kate.


Grumio (Devin Moriarity) does the same during a taming session. 

An anxious Pedant (David Law) looks on as the real Vincentio (Patrick Gleason) arrives in Padua. 

 A preplexed Baptista stands listening with Tranio to the real Vincentio.

 As part of his taming regiment, Petruchio rails over the supposedly bad work a tailor (Alisa Clark) does in designing a dress for Kate.  The irate tailor holds her ground.


 Hortensio and Grumio stand aside to watch the evening's entertainment at the Petruchio household.

The recently arrived newlyweds with their nervous servants (from left, Alisa Clark, Francine Tychuaco, Devin Moriarity, and Tiffany Esteb) as the less then happy groom settles down to eat.


Some in rehearsal shots: Top left,  Vincentio (Patrick Gleason) is leaned on by a clueless Biondello (Tiffany Esteb), with the Pedant (David Law) looking on. 


 The Bianca wooing scene as rival suitors Hortensio (Arol Jahs, left), Jon Ciccarelli (Lucentio) battle for face time with and Bianca (Jean Arlea). 

Confusion continues during Vincetio's arrival with busy body Gremio (RIchard Brundage, left), Vincetio (Patrick Gleason, center), Baptista (Charles J. Roby) and Tranio (Lydia Schmidt).

A mad marriage, wedding scene with Grumio (Devin Moriarity), Kate (Diana Hawthorne) and Petruchio (Timothy Foley)



Character Actor
Baptista Charles J. Roby
Kate Diana Hawthorne
Bianca Elizabeth Sugarman
Lucentio Jon Ciccarelli
Tranio Lydia Schmidt
Biondello Tiffany Esteb
Hortensio Arol Jahns
Gremio Richard Brundage
Petruchio Timothy Foley
Grumio Devin Moriarity
Curtis/Haberdasher Alisa Clark
Widow/Tranio (us) Francine Tychuaco
Patrick Gleason Vincentio
Pedant David Law
Bianca (us) Jean Arlea


Pier A Park, Hoboken, NJ

Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, Hackensack, NJ

Stratford Main Library - Lovell Room, Stratford, CT


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