Taming of the Shrew

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of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Andrew Foley

"Aye Sir, the oates have eaten the horses"

August 9-27, 1999

For the final summer showing of 1999, company manager and long time actor Andrew Foley tried his hand at directing as Shakespeare piece.  Reviving Taming of the Shrew, this version was placed in a modern day with non traditional casting applied to several of the characters.  One of the larger departures was the use of women for the servant characters as opposed to men.  While this device was nothing new to the area theater or to HSC, the women did not play them as men.  Fitting the up to date setting, all 3 played them as women, which gave the disguised Tranio (Rachel Torregrossa) an interesting relationship or status as one of the suitors to the hand of the younger daughter Bianca.  The shots shown here were taken at Sinatra Park in Hoboken, NJ

Below left, Kate (Mara Rixton, standing) gives her younger sister Bianca (Francine Tychuaco) a disciplinary lesson.  Below right, a disguised Tranio arrives with gifts in hand via Biondello (Andrea Pinyan) to offer to Baptista (Frank Monte Magno). 


Above, the "mad groom" arrives for his wedding as the startled guests look on.


Left, Baptista splits the squabbling sutiors Tranio left and Gremio (Charles J. Roby) right.  Right, Hortensio (Mike Blum) tries unsuccessfully to woo Bianca when he is disguised as a musician.  Below center, reconciling all of the sub plots together, Lucentio (Paul Campbell) arrives with his new bride to greet his father Vincentio (L. Robert Johnson) and to tries to sort out all of the mistaken identity, as a confused Baptista looks on.


Character Actor
Petruchio Tom Evans
Biondello Andrea Pinyan
Gremio Charles J. Roby
Vincentio L. Robert Johnson
Tranio Rachel Torregrossa
Lucentio Paul Campbell
Bianca Francine Tychuaco
Grumio/Widow Carla Lewin
Kate Mara Rixton
Pedant/Curtis Dave Cunningham
Baptista Frank Monte Magno
Hortensio Mike Blum
Haberdasher Andrew Foley


Hamilton Park Jersey City, NJ

Riverview Park Jersey City, NJ

Grundy Pier Jersey City, NJ

Pier A Park Hoboken, NJ

Sinatra Park Hoboken, NJ

Church Square Park Hoboken, NJ

Elysian Park - Hoboken, NJ 


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