The Tempest

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The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Karen Hallock

"Oh Heaven, O Earth,

Bear witness to this Sound"

June 12-30, 2000

Hudson Shakespeare kicked off their 2000 Shakespeare Festival with the Bard's late Romance play and popular audience title, The Tempest.  Unlike other Shakespeare titles, the entire action of the play takes place in one location and in the span of a few hours.  On an uncharted island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Prospero (Charles J. Roby), the deposed Duke of Milan has been living in isolation with his daughter Miranda (Cathy Nimoura).  Always one for study and never for rule, the good Prospero was exiled by his treacherous brother Antonio (Duke York).  Now several years later and gotten quite adept in the ways of magic, Prospero summons up a storm carrying his old brother and other old enemies to his island.  Prospero seeks the return of his Dukedom, but instead of getting revenge he offers forgiveness and reconciliation with his brother and his enemy King Alonzo.  To further seal his commitment to reconcile his past, Propsero sets in motion the romance and courting his daughter and Alonzo's son Ferdinand (Carlos Hernandez).  Lending to the magical atmosphere are Prospero's servant, the airy spirit Ariel () and his ever vengeful servant, the half man/half sea monster Caliban (Mathew Shapiro). Karen Hallock, who had previously appeared as the Helen in Laughter on the 23rd Floor, creates a stylized world of varying time periods for the exotic locale of Prospero's island.     Pictures taken at Sinatra Park, Hoboken, NJ.

The opening sequence with the storm at sea. 

Left, Prospero (Charles J. Roby) with his daughter Miranda.  Right, Ariel (Lisa Jackson) swoops in when summoned by Prospero.

Left, Caliban (Matthew Shapiro) rails against Prospero soliloquies,  Right, Prospero engages Ariel to look after the royal party


Having come upon some "Gods" to help him overthrow Prospero, Caliban joins his new found shipwrecked companions Stefano (Matthew Morgan) and Trinculo (Elizabeth Murray) in heavy plotting and heavy drinking.  Above left, Stefano cowers at some of the islands strange sounds, while Caliban comforts him.  Above right, and below, the rebellious trio, spend more time reveling then plotting.

"What's Past is Prologue".  As Prospero, sets in motion the wooing of his daughter, the royal party takes stock of their apparent misfortune.  Above left, Prospero's brother Antonio (Duke York, right) tries to convince Sebastian (John Trigonis) that he should kill his brother Alonzo and assume the Kingdom of Naples.  Above right, the frail Gonzalo (Cory Heath) and King Alonzo (Thomas Baldino) stop to rest. 


Above left, the union of Miranda and Ferdinand (Carlos R. Fernandez) egged on and blessed by Prospero.  Above right, "We are such stuff as dreams are made on".  Prospero and his new family after the banquet scene.

A parting of wizard and faithful servant, as Prospero gives up his powers, he sets Ariel free during the final reconciliation scene of the show.


Character Actor
Prospero Charles J. Roby
Miranda Cathy Nimoura
Caliban Mathew Shapiro
Ariel Lisa Jackson
Sebastian John Trigonis
Alonzo Thomas Baldino
Ferdinand Carlos R. Fernandez
Antonio Duke York
Gonzalo Cory Heath
Stephano Mathew Morgan
Trinculo Elizabeth Murray
Boatswain L. Robert Johnson


Van Vorst Park Jersey City, NJ

Hamilton Park Jersey City, NJ

Riverview Park Jersey City, NJ

Grundy Pier Jersey City, NJ

Pier A Park Hoboken, NJ

Shipyard Park Hoboken, NJ

Sinatra Park Hoboken, NJ

Church Square Park Hoboken, NJ

Elysian Park - Hoboken, NJ


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