Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Directed By Jordan Mann

July 17 - Aug 2, 1998

"Love sought is good, but given unsought is better"

For the second show of the summer season, Jordan Mann, Benvolio, from 1997's Romeo and Juliet, was brought in to direct his first show with a production of the Bard's bitingly funny Twelfth Night.  The classic story of twins Viola (Heather Murdoch) and Sebastian (Carl Furst) separated after a shipwreck and unrequited love between the Duke Orsino (Mike Blum), Olivia (Karma Tiffany) and the twins was set in a present day Illyria.  Mann created an antagonistic world of the party revelers vs. the corporate stuffiness of Malvolio.  Feste as part jester, part seducer, stayed as the outside observer to the comic situations.  The classic "duel" was between the would-be warriors Sir Andrew and a cross dressed Viola was fought with closed umbrellas.  A feature that proved to be quite comic and unpredictable.  All pictures shown on this page were taken at Church Square Park in Hoboken, NJ


Above left,  Feste (Karina Kramer Schevers) directs the recently shipwrecked Viola (Heather Murdoch) toward the land of Illyria and the court of Duke Orsino.  Above right,  Malvolio (Joshua Polenberg) unsuccessfully tries to break up a late evening of reveling by Sir Andrew (Jon Ciccarelli - left), Fabian (Jennifer Wolfe, bench), Sir Toby Belch (Andrew Foley) and Feste (Karina Kramer Schevers). 


Left, Heather Murdoch as Viola in the beginning scene of the show.  Right, Joshua Polenberg as Malvolio.  Center, the show flyer.       


Left, Maria (Megan Hollingshed) gives Sir Andrew (Jon Ciccarelli) a lesson in courting.  Top right, Sir Toby Belch (Andrew Foley), Fabian (Jennifer Wolfe), Maria (Megan Hollingshed) and Sir Andrew (Jon Ciccarelli) hide as they spy on Malvolio.  Below left, Feste (Karina Kramer Schevers) and Orsino (Mike Blum) in a palace scene pining for Olivia (Karma Tiffany), below right. 



Left, Francine Tychuaco as Antonio has an overprotective sense when it comes to Sebastian (Carl Furst, center), while confused with his twin sister Viola (Heather Murdoch, right). 


Character Actor
Orsino Mike Blum
Sir Andrew Jon Ciccarelli
Valentine Patrick Culhane
Sir Toby Belch Andrew Foley
Sebastian Carl Furst
Maria Megan Hollinshed
Feste Karina Kramer Schevers
Viola Heather Murdoch
Olivia Karma Tiffany
Antonio Francine Tychucaco
Fabian Jennifer Wolfe
Malvolio Joshua Polenberg


Lincoln Park Jersey City, NJ

Sinatra Park Hoboken, NJ

Church Square Park Hoboken, NJ

Elysian Park Hoboken, NJ

Autobahn Park Jersey City, NJ

Third Ward Park, Passaic, NJ


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