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Witness for the Prosecution

by Agatha Christie

Directed by Andrew Foley

April 24-May 16, 1998

For the first offering HSC decided to return to the Hoboken City Courtroom for another courtroom drama.  The first installment of the 1998 season saw the production of the Agatha Christie classic Witness for the Prosecution.  The story of a brilliant trial attorney Sir Wilfred Robarts (Mikki Keirnan) taking the case of young man accused of murdering an elderly old woman.  Leonard Vole (Duane Langely) is on trial for his life after being arrested for the murder of his friend, Miss Emily French.  Sir Robarts faces the daunting task of getting his client off with mounting evidence and the strange equivocal turn of Vole's older wife Romaine (Francine Tychuaco).  Though in this production the wife character of Romaine was changed from German to Japanese, the racial sentiments of this post World War II London still hold true.  The show is part mystery, comedy and social commentary on the mistrust of foreigners and the social appearances. 



Character Actor
Carter L. Robert Johnson
Greta Eva Masters
Mayhew Steve Gary
Leonard Vole Duane Langley
Sir Wilfred Robarts Mikki Keirnan
Romaine Francine Tychuaco
Justice Wainright Henry Stanley
Mr. Myers Jon Ciccarelli
Inspector Hearne Julio Irizarry
Dr Wyatt Frank Monte Magno
Janet Mackenzie/Other woman Rachel Torregrossa


Hoboken City Courtroom, Hoboken, NJ


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