Act III, Scene  3

Enter Arcite with a bundle containing meat, wine, and files.

ARCITE I should be near the place. Ho, cousin Palamon!
ARCITE The same, I have brought you food and files.
Come forth and fear not, here's no Theseus.
PALAMON Nor none so honest, Arcite.
ARCITE That's no matter --
We'll argue that hereafter. Come, take courage --
You shall not die thus beastly. Here, sir, drink;
I know you are faint. Then I'll talk further with you.
PALAMON Arcite, you mightst now poison me.
ARCITE I might --
But I must fear you first. Sit down and, good now,
No more of these vain parleys. Let us not, ... [III.3.8]
Having our ancient reputation with us,
Make talk for fools and cowards. To your health, sir.
PALAMON Do. [Arcite drinks.]
ARCITE Pray sit down, then, and let me entreat you,
By all the honesty and honor in you,
No mention of this woman -- 'twill disturb us.
We shall have time enough.
PALAMON Well, sir, I'll pledge you. [Palamon drinks.]
ARCITE Drink a good hearty draught; it breeds good blood, man.
Do not you feel it thaw you?
PALAMON Stay, I'll tell you
After a draught or two more. [Palamon drinks.]
ARCITE Spare it not --
The Duke has more, coz. Eat now.
PALAMON Yes. [Palamon eats.]
ARCITE I am glad ... [III.3.20]
You have so good a stomach.
PALAMON I am gladder
I have so good meat to't.
ARCITE Is't not mad, lodging
Here in the wild woods, cousin?
PALAMON Yes, for them
That have wild consciences.
ARCITE How tastes your victuals?
Your hunger needs no sauce, I see.
PALAMON Not much.
But if it did, yours is too tart, sweet cousin.
What is this?
ARCITE Venison.
PALAMON 'Tis a lusty meat --
Give me more wine. Here, Arcite, to the wenches
We have known in our days. [Drinking.] The lord steward's daughter.
Do you remember her?
ARCITE After you, coz. ... [III.3.30]
PALAMON She loved a black-haired man.
ARCITE She did so; well, sir.
PALAMON And I have heard some call him Arcite, and --
ARCITE Out with't, faith.
PALAMON She met him in an arbor --
What did she there, coz? Play o'th' virginals?
ARCITE Something she did, sir --
PALAMON Made her groan a month for't --
Or two, or three, or ten.
ARCITE The marshal's sister
Had her share too, as I remember, cousin,
Else there be tales abroad. You'll pledge her?
PALAMON Yes. [They drink.]
ARCITE A pretty brown wench 'tis. There was a time
When young men went a-hunting, and a wood, ... [III.3.40]
And a broad beech, and thereby hangs a tale --
PALAMON For Emily, upon my life! Fool,
Away with this strained mirth. I say again,
That sigh was breathed for Emily. Base cousin,
Dar'st thou break first?
ARCITE You are wide.
PALAMON By heaven and earth,
There's nothing in thee honest.
ARCITE Then I'll leave you --
You are a beast now.
PALAMON As thou mak'st me, traitor.
ARCITE [Pointing to the bundle.]
There's all things needful: files and shirts and perfumes --
I'll come again some two hours hence and bring
That that shall quiet all.
PALAMON A sword and armor
ARCITE Fear me not. You are now too foul. Farewell.
Get off your trinkets: you shall want naught.
PALAMON Sirrah --
ARCITE I'll hear no more. [Exit.]
PALAMON  If he keep touch, he dies for't. [Exit, as into the bush.]


Act III, Scene  4

Enter the Jailer's Daughter.


DAUGHTER I am very cold, and all the stars are out too,
The little stars and all that, that look like aglets --
The sun has seen my folly. Palamon!
Alas, no, he's in heaven. Where am I now?
Yonder's the sea and there's a ship -- how't tumbles!
And there's a rock lies watching under water --
Now, now, it beats upon it -- now, now, now,
There's a leak sprung, a sound one -- how they cry!
Open her before the wind -- you'll lose all else.
Up with a course or two and tack about, boys. ... [III.4.10]
Good night, good night, you're gone. I am very hungry.
Would I could find a fine frog -- he would tell me
News from all parts o'th' world, then would I make
A carrack of a cockle-shell, and sail
By east and north-east to the King of Pygmies,
For he tells fortunes rarely. Now my father,
Twenty to one, is trussed up in a trice
Tomorrow morning. I'll say never a word.
[She sings.]
For I'll cut my green coat, a foot above my knee,
And I'll clip my yellow locks, an inch below mine eye, ... [III.4.20]
Hey nonny, nonny, nonny,
He s'buy me a white cut, forth for to ride,
And I'll go seek him, through the world that is so wide,
Hey nonny, nonny, nonny
O for a prick now, like a nightingale,
To put my breast against. I shall sleep like a top else. [Exit]


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