Act IV, Scene 3 The same. Before the palace.

Enter two Soldiers to their guard


First Soldier Brother, good night: to-morrow is the day.
Second Soldier It will determine one way: fare you well.
Heard you of nothing strange about the streets?
First Soldier Nothing. What news?
Second Soldier Belike 'tis but a rumour. Good night to you.
First Soldier Well, sir, good night.
  [Enter two other Soldiers]
Second Soldier Soldiers, have careful watch.
Third Soldier And you. Good night, good night.
  [They place themselves in every corner of the stage]
Fourth Soldier Here we: and if to-morrow
Our navy thrive, I have an absolute hope
Our landmen will stand up.
Third Soldier 'Tis a brave army,
And full of purpose.
  [Music of the hautboys as under the stage]
Fourth Soldier Peace! what noise?
First Soldier List, list!
Second Soldier Hark!
First Soldier Music i' the air.
Third Soldier Under the earth.
Fourth Soldier It signs well, does it not?
Third Soldier No.
First Soldier Peace, I say!
What should this mean?
Second Soldier 'Tis the god Hercules, whom Antony loved,
Now leaves him.
First Soldier Walk; let's see if other watchmen
Do hear what we do?
  [They advance to another post]
Second Soldier How now, masters!
All [Speaking together] How now!
How now! do you hear this?
First Soldier Ay; is't not strange?
Third Soldier Do you hear, masters? do you hear?
First Soldier Follow the noise so far as we have quarter;
Let's see how it will give off.
All Content. 'Tis strange.


Act IV, Scene 4 The same. A room in the palace.

others attending


MARK ANTONY Eros! mine armour, Eros!
CLEOPATRA Sleep a little.
MARK ANTONY No, my chuck. Eros, come; mine armour, Eros!
  [Enter EROS with armour]
  Come good fellow, put mine iron on:
If fortune be not ours to-day, it is
Because we brave her: come.
CLEOPATRA Nay, I'll help too.
What's this for?
MARK ANTONY Ah, let be, let be! thou art
The armourer of my heart: false, false; this, this.
CLEOPATRA Sooth, la, I'll help: thus it must be.
MARK ANTONY Well, well;
We shall thrive now. Seest thou, my good fellow?
Go put on thy defences.
EROS Briefly, sir.
CLEOPATRA Is not this buckled well?
MARK ANTONY Rarely, rarely:
He that unbuckles this, till we do please
To daff't for our repose, shall hear a storm.
Thou fumblest, Eros; and my queen's a squire
More tight at this than thou: dispatch. O love,
That thou couldst see my wars to-day, and knew'st
The royal occupation! thou shouldst see
A workman in't.
  [Enter an armed Soldier]
  Good morrow to thee; welcome:
Thou look'st like him that knows a warlike charge:
To business that we love we rise betime,
And go to't with delight.
Soldier A thousand, sir,
Early though't be, have on their riveted trim,
And at the port expect you.
  [Shout. Trumpets flourish]
  [Enter Captains and Soldiers]
Captain The morn is fair. Good morrow, general.
All Good morrow, general.
MARK ANTONY 'Tis well blown, lads:
This morning, like the spirit of a youth
That means to be of note, begins betimes.
So, so; come, give me that: this way; well said.
Fare thee well, dame, whate'er becomes of me:
This is a soldier's kiss: rebukeable
  [Kisses her]
  And worthy shameful cheque it were, to stand
On more mechanic compliment; I'll leave thee
Now, like a man of steel. You that will fight,
Follow me close; I'll bring you to't. Adieu.
  [Exeunt MARK ANTONY, EROS, Captains, and Soldiers]
CHARMIAN Please you, retire to your chamber.
He goes forth gallantly. That he and Caesar might
Determine this great war in single fight!
Then Antony,--but now--Well, on.


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