By William Shakespeare

Directed by Jon Ciccarelli

"Look like the innocent flower,

but be the serpent under it"

October 25-November 20, 2002

For the final show of 2002, Hudson Shakespeare decided to revive another old favorite for a summer like touring schedule, the tragedy of Macbeth.  Jon Ciccarelli chose again to direct this story of a good man seduced by evil thoughts, deeds and elements in himself that destroys him, his love and all many around him.  Ciccarelli chose to set the piece in a parallel early medieval setting allowing for swords and armor to be used for the production.  However, a departure from area other productions featured several noble characters portrayed as woman, notably the character of Malcolm, which was changed to Madeline.  Also branching off of the main theme of worlds destroyed due to over reaching ambition and blindness, he decided to stress the story between Macbeth and his Lady.  Instead of the often portrayed caricature of the evil wife, the production showed Lady Macbeth as being innocent and as much seduced as her husband by the promise of riches and power but moved much quicker to action. 

As the killing of King Duncan takes place and their never ending night begins and they assume their new titles as King and Queen, the two loose themselves even more.  Macbeth draws further away immersing himself in his deadly business of removing all who stand in his way.  The final straw comes when Banquo and the Macduff family are killed, sending Lady Macbeth over the edge in insanity.  As the play draws to a close and Macbeth feels his friends and kinsman fly away from, he holds up in his castle, yelling commands at all trying to maintain control on his world and his senses.  Splitting between the hardened king and military commander and the lonely broken man, Macbeth rails and ponders the emptiness that life has become.  Asking about his wife's condition as if she can be cured of the mental disease that ails her, he may be cured as well.  Often quoted at this point in the play is the "Tomorrow" speech, but this is Macbeth's final goodbye to his wife, after she is gone.  However, just as haunting is the earlier speech that begins "My way of life has fallen into the sea".  Lamentings on a life that is no longer and finally the "tale told by an idiot" is spoken.  Holding on to the only thing he has left, the one shred of honor of his former life, he fights to the last. 

The production was also a first for HSC in having an extended indoor touring schedule. 

  Show pictures to follow. 


Character Actor
Macbeth John Trigonis
Lady Macbeth Elizabeth Sugarman
Banquo/Old Siward Andrew Hamrick
Duncan/MacDuff Jon Ciccarelli
Ross Jill Rosenthal
Angus Nicole Clavell
Malcolm (Madeline) Marla Yost
Donalbaine/First Murderer/Young Siward Richard Sabine
Lennox John Short
Porter Vivianna Rodriguez
Witch #1/Gentlewoman/Second Murderer Laurie Jeffers
Witch #2/Lady Macduff Katie Yost
Witch #3 Mercedes Velez
Fleance/Macduff's son Daniel Short
First Bagpiper Patricia Downey
Second Bagpiper Matt Malham



Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ

McNair Academic High School, Jersey City, NJ

Heights Library, Jersey City, NJ

5 Corners Library Theater, Jersey City, NJ

St Nicholas School, Jersey City, NJ

Hoboken City Courtroom, Hoboken, NJ

Stratford Main Library, Lovell Room, Stratford, CT


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