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Situated along Long Island Sound, and bounded to the east by the Housatonic River is the picturesque town of Stratford, CT.  Founded in 1639, this fashionable riverside town boasts several waterfront facilities which include: two public bathing beaches, five marinas, several fishing piers, two public boat-launching facilities and several historical sites to visit.  Among its varied attractions from revolutionary cemeteries to Victorian style homes, the town also holds unique places in the histories of aviation and theater.  First, Stratford became the birthplace of the American helicopter industry, when in 1939, a Russian immigrant, Igor Sikorsky, successfully flew the first helicopter at his Stratford-based aircraft plant. More than a half-century later, Sikorsky Aircraft, the world's leading helicopter manufacturer, still designs and produces state-of-the art helicopters for both military and commercial applications at its sprawling manufacturing facility on Stratford's north side.


Above, located on Main Street, the facade of the First Congregational Church.  Above right, a large statue of Victory dedicated to fallen soldiers of World War One.  

Secondly, in 1955 Stratford became home to the nationally renowned American Shakespeare Festival.  Over the years of its operation, the festival featured many theatrical and film stars including Katherine Hepburn, Paul Newman, Roddy McDowall and John Houseman, the festival's founder.  While the festival and it's 1100 seat Stratford Festival Theatre closed some time ago, the town of Stratford has sought to take over the stewardship of the playhouse from the state and hopefully will reopen its doors soon. Other notable town attractions include - the 250-acre, town-owned Roosevelt Forest,  the Great Meadows Salt Marsh, Boothe Memorial Park and now a portion of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge


A picturesque dwelling along Main Street.

A stately old tree during autumn.


"The Thinker".  A Hamletesque statue sits overlooking the river with the impressive Shakespeare Festival Theatre in the background.

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