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Stratford Library,

Lovell Room

June 26, 2004

Due to inclement weather, this performance was held indoors in the Stratford Library's lecture room.

A shot of a stain glass window depicting Shakespeare over looking the Lovell Room.

An audience perspective of the opening citizens revolt scene as they demand the price of the cities corn be set at their price.


Marcius (Rich Warren) looks on with contempt at the rabble demanding grain as his father figure Menenius (Tim Baird) brings him up to date on their demands. 

Aufidius (Jonathan Brown) is brought word by his attendants (Nicholle Hart and Zack Symons) that Rome is mounting troops to counter his uprising.


Marcius' proud mother Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah, left) rallies her daughter-in-law Valeria (Tiffany Clementi) on the eve of Marcius' decisive battle at Corioli. 


Life long adversaries, Aufidius and Marcius, prepare to battle.

As the Romans as lead to victory at Corioli, Marcius is granted a new title to remember the day. He then receives the name Coriolanus.  He is greeted by his comrades Cominius (Cedric Hill, right) and Titus (Freeman Borden).


With his victory, Marcius is welcomed home and pushed to be elected Rome's consul.  The people's tribunes Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker) and Brutus (Rachel Wahl) listen to Menenius berate them. 


At a joyous reunion with his wife, the two tribunes plot to thwart Marcius political ambitions.

The tribunes rally the citizens against Marcius.  Using his own stubborn pride against him, they dub him a traitor and exile him from the city.


Confronted by his powerful mother, Marcius cannot bring himself to humble himself before those he considers inferior. 


After his banishment, Volumnia confronts her son's enemies.

Volumnia, give her "Blessing" to the Tribunes.


Marcius, joins with his old enemy Aufidius and lays siege to Rome.  In an attempt to stop his invasion, Volumnia pleads and chastises with her son to stop his advances. 


Betrayed and shamed in the eyes of his soldiers, Aufidius orders the killing of Marcius.

After a brief struggle, Aufidius stands over the body of his former enemy, regretting his actions.


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