Ellsworth Park

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Ellsworth Park,

Union City, NJ

July 8, 2004


An audience perspective of the staging area at Ellsworth Park.


Marcius, Rome's premier general, and his mentor Senator Menenius (Tim Baird) take stock of recent people's revolt concerning food supplies.  As trouble brews at home, Rome's perennial enemy, the Volscians, lead another offensive against them. 

Virgilia (Katherine Boynton), Marcius wife worries for her husband's safe return, while his warrior mother relishes in the upcoming battle.

Long time adversaries Aufidius (Jonathan Brown), the Volscian general, and Marcius square off in the battle's final bout.

With Rome victorious, Marcius is honored by his fellow commanders Titus (Freeman Borden, left) and Cominius (Cedric Hill) and given the title Coriolanus to remember the battle of Corioli.


As Marcius is given a hero's welcome and greeted by his devoted wife Virgilia, the people's Tribunes (above right) Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker, left) and Brutus (Rachel Wahl) plot against him. 


Fearing he will gain further power as he campaigns for the position of Roman Consul, they plan to turn the citizenry against him.

Marcius reluctantly accepts to nomination to campaign for the consul position.

Marcius dons humble attire to gain the citizens' favor for the consul position/  A group he openly despises but like a dutiful soldier carries out his assignment.


Using his hate of the people against him, the Tribunes convince the citizens to revolt and banish Marcius as a traitor. 

 Marcius is one final act of defiance, condems the city to live without his protection and banishes them.

Volumnia and Virgilia pay a little visit to the good Tribunes. 

With no where else to turn, Marcius arrives at the door of his old enemy, Aufidius.  The two join forces to attack Rome.

News of the new Volscian force impending invasion reaches home as the Tribunes try to shirk all responsibilty for the recent turn of events.

On the eve of the invasion, Volumnia convinces Marcius through command and pleas that he should spare the city.

With the two opposing forces at work on Marcius, Aufidius meets an enemy he cannot defeat, Marcius mother and sees his dreams of conquest go up in smoke.

Feeling betrayed at Marcius turn, Aufidius conspires to have him declared a traitor and killed.


Aufidius exacts his revenge.


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