Kenilworth show

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Kenilworth Borough Hall,

Kenilworth, NJ

June 15, 2004

A panoramic shot of the opening of the show as the citizens make demands of Rome's senators.


Menenius (Tim Baird) tries to disperse the angry mob lead by the first citizen (Nicholle Hart).


Menenius informs Marcius (Rich Warren) of the crowds demand as he looks on with disdain.


Marcius is honored by the nobility of Rome, the senator (Michelle Doucet, far left), Cominius (Cedric Hill) and Titus (Freeman Borden). 


While the duplicitous Tribunes Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker) and Brutus (Rachel Wahl) plot to turn the common people against him.

The battle for Corioli.  Lone wolf Marcius emerges bloody and victorious over the Volscians.

Enemies on all sides.  At the climax of the Battle of Corioli, Marcius squares off against Aufidius (Jonathan Brown), leader of the Volscians. 


While, back at home, the Tribunes begin their plot to turn the populace against Coriolanus.

A hero's welcome as Marcius is welcomed home by his wife Virgilia (Tiffany Climenti) and his mother Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah) as the Tribunes look on in disgust. 

Power hungry Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah) congratulates her son on his conquest in battle and urges him to seek office as the people's counsel 


After Marcius is denounced as a traitor and banished, Volumnia seeks out the cause of her son's downfall.

"Citizen revolt" as the Tribunes stir up the angry public against Coriolanus


With no where else to turn after his banishment, Marcius goes to his enemy Aufidius (Jonathan Brown) for help.

 After some punishments, the two join forces against Rome but ultimately turns bloody in the end.


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