Pier A Park

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Pier A Park, Hoboken, NJ

June 28, 2004

The opening scene from Coriolanus.  The citizens of Rome attempt a riot to receive corn at their own price, which is quickly calmed by Menenius (Tim Baird).

Rome's enemy the Volscians launch another assault on the city.  Marcius drills his troops before storming the capital city of Corioli. 


Aufidius, the Volscian general and Marcius square off in the final decisive battle.

Marcius (Rich Warren) and his allied Senator (Michelle Doucet) encounter domestic adversaries, the people's tribunes Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker, second from right) and Brutus (Rachel Wahl, far right). 

War heroes and allies of Marcius, Cominius (Cedric Hill) and Titus (Freeman Borden) view the encounter with the Tribunes.

The Tribunes determined not to have Marcius named Roman consul and undermine their power stage on uprising.

The powerful taken down several notches when answering to their parents.


A proud Marcius, disdainful of the citizens and tribunes, is chastised and by his powerful mother Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah) as his mentor Menenius looks on.

Succeeding in having Marcius declared a traitor and banished, the Tribunes are later challenged by Volumnia and Marcius' wife Virgilia (Tiffany Clementi, far right).

A banished and downtrodden Marcius arrives at Antium, home of his enemy Aufidius

Aufidius (Jonathan Brown) steathely examines his old enemy who is now begging his aide.

The "servants" of Aufidius discuss the arrival of Marcius and what it means to their master. 


News of the Marcius/Aufidius alliance reaches Rome as Cominius and Menenius confront the Tribunes with the news.

A bittersweet reunion of husband and wife on the eve of seige of Rome as a nervous Aufidus looks on.

Volumnia reduces her warrior son to tears as she convinces not to sack the city.


Aufidius takes his revenge on Marcius for giving into his family.


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