Shipyard Park Show

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Shipyard Park, Hoboken, NJ

June 21, 2004

A panoramic shot of Shipyard Park in the opening citizen scene from the show.


Enemies inside the gates:, The Tribunes Brutus (Rachel Wahl) and Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker) plot to keep Marcius from taking their political standing.


 and outside the gates: Aufidius (Jonathan Brown) with his advisors (Nicholle Hart and Zack Symons).


Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah) chastises her daughter-in-law Virgilia (Tiffany Climenti) for her lack of faith in Marcius' ability in battle.

Volumnia steadies her worries with her husband's past glories.

Marcius (Rich Warren), blood soaked after storming Corioli, the Volscian capital,

Aufidius and Marcius square off in the battle's climax.


Victorious over the Volscians, Marcius is honored with the title Coriolanus to commemorate his win at Corioli. 


The tribunes mock Menenius (Tim Baird) behind his back as he berates them.

Marcius is greeted by family and friends as he is give a hero's welcome.  The Tribunes watch and bide their time to hatch their plan to take him down.


Cominius (Cedric Hill), Marcius's commanding officer, commences the motion to have Marcius named consul to the people.


The citizens debate whether to support the nomination of Marcius.

Marcius speaks before the common people, pleading his case to be a consul, a position he is pushed to campaign for.


Volumnia spars with her son as he refuses to apologize to the crowd for his outbursts of contempt. 


Too little too late, Marcius is branded a traitor for his contempt of the people's authority and comforts his mother at the turn of events.


Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah), flanked by Virgilia (Tiffany Climenti) seeks out her son's enemies,

Seeking assistance from his old enemy Aufidius, Marcius is first given a taste of the misery he has visited on Aufidius.

On the eve of attacking Rome, Volumnia visits her son to convince him to give up his campaign of revenge.  Aufidius watches helpless as he watches a more powerful adversary defeat his dreams of conquest.

Marcius gives into his mother's pleas


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