Sinatra Park

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Sinatra Park, Hoboken, NJ

July 5, 2004

A panoramic shot of the opening scene involving the rioting citizens.


Marcius (Rich Warren) instructs his mentor Menenius (Tim Baird) on the appointment of two tribunes to represent the plebeians interest. 


Right, Aufidius (Jonathan Brown), the Volscian commander receives intelligence that Rome is ready to counter his revolt.

Volumnia, (Amanda Ifrah) Marcius mother tries to strengthen her daughter-in-law Virgilia's (Katherine Boynton) fear for Marcius safety. 

Marcius single handedly invades the capital city of Corioli.


The two generals square off the in the battle's decisive bout.

Marcius homecoming is joyous to his family but not to the Tribunes looking on.


A worried wife is finally reunited with her husband returning from war.

 An honoring delegation greet Marcius on his triumphant return home. 

Capitalizing on his victory a movement arises to name Marcius Roman consul though he must first get the people's nomination.  Left, the Tribunes Brutus (Rachel Wahl) and Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker) listen in disdain.


Right, an uncomfortable Marcius "lowers himself" to get the people's vote.

More campaigning.

Mounting a negative campaign against him, the Tribunes manage to stir up the citizens against Marcius.

Unflinching in his disdain for the people and their tribunes, Marcius is unmoved by his stern mother's commands to return to the Senate.

Having been branded as a traitor and banished from Rome, Marcius turns to his old enemy Aufidius for help.  A cautious Aufidius takes stock of supposedly helpless Marcius. 

On the eve of his revenge to sack Rome, Marcius is stopped by a reunion with his wife and mother.  Aufidius sees victory slipping away once again.

Listening to his mother's pleas and commands, Marcius ceases his attack only to achieve the ire of Aufidius which leads to Marcius' death.


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