Van Vorst Park show

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Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

June 24, 2004


The seasoned senator Menenius (Tim Baird, right) offers advice to his impetuous protégé Marcius (Rich Warren) on dealing with the recent peasant uprising. 


Marcius' warlike mother Volumnia (Amanda Ifrah), tries to strengthen her daughter-in-law Virgilia (Tiffany Clementi) as Marcius heads off to war.

As the First Senator (Michelle Doucet) brings news of the impending invasion by the Volscians, Rome's enemy, Marcius (Rich Warren) joins the other Cominius (Cedric Hill, second from right) and Titus (Freeman Borden, right) leaders to map out their strategy.

Aufidius, (Jonathan Brown, center) the Volscian general, receives word of the Roman advance.

As Marcius goes to defend Rome from enemies abroad, enemies within begin to work against him.  The Tribunes Brutus (Rachel Wahl, left) and Sicinius (Lyndsay Becker, right) are selected to represent the people's interest after the last uprising.  Recognizing that Marcius may get in their way for power, the plot to stop him in his tracks. 


Marcius and Aufidius face off in the decisive bout in the battle of Corioli. 


With Rome victorious Menenius (Tim Baird) scolds the two Tribunes on their short sighted political career as they mock him behind his back.


Marcius is given a hero's welcome by his mother and wife.  Capitalizing on his recent honors in battle, Marcius is prodded by his power hungry mother into campaigning for the powerful political position of Roman Consul.

In the lower ranks, two of Marcius soldiers discuss the campaign of their general to become consul. 

The citizens meet to decide on Marcius for the consul position.

Marcius effectively campaigns for his new position donning unfamiliar attire and speaking with people he disdains and can barely tolerate.

With Marcius accepted as the consul candidate, the Tribunes decide to use his pride against him and convince the citizens to stage on another uprising calling for Marcius death or banishment.

Marcius dares the crowd to take him on during the uprising.

Attempts to quiet the citizen resentment having failed and with the call for his banishment, Marcius goes on the offensive and decides to banish the city leaving them "to the mercy of wild beasts".

Homeless and without other prospects, Marcius turns to the only man who can give him a new place and revenge on his native city, his old Volscian enemy Aufidius. 


Aufidius' dreams of finally conquering Rome are dashed after as Volumnia commands her son to stand down.  Aufidius soon after take revenge on Marcius for his betrayal.


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