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Hackensack Arts Center,

Hackensack, NJ

August 11, 2004

Due to inclement weather this performance was held indoors.

Two courtiers (Hannah Wolfe and Tiffany Clementi) discuss the goings on in the court of King Cymbeline especially the recent hasty marriage of princess Imogen to the poor but noble Posthumous.

Imogen (Laura Malone) and Posthumous (John Trigonis) share a rare quiet moment before he is banished.

The ever watchful wicked queen, Imogen's stepmother, interrupts a conversation between Imogen (Laura Malone) and her trusted servant Pisanio (Chance Parker).

The idiotic son of the queen Cloten (Cedric Hill) inquires to the smart aleck asides of his attendant (Tiffany Clementi).

Pisanio (Chance Parker) tries to comfort Imogen (Laura Malone) after the departure of her husband.

In Rome, Posthumous is greeted at the house of his friend Philario by an effete Frenchman (Clark Williams) and the slimey con man Iachimo (Freeman Borden).  Desiring Posthumous expensive ring, Iachimo wagers that he can bed his wife Imogen.  Posthumous, amused by the notion and confident in his wife accepts the silly wager.

Iachimo (Freeman Borden) finds his easy bet a little more work than he expected when the fiery Imogen (Laura Malone) rejects his pathetic seduction.

Attempting to woo her with bad music and comeons, Cloten (Cedric Hill) is dumbfounded why Imogen clings to her pauper husband and not his royal self.  Imogen sends him packing.

Back in Rome, a triumphant Iachimo (Freeman Borden) returns having stolen a bracelet of Imogen's to prove that he slept with her and won the bet.  A stunned Posthumous (John Trigonis) and Philario (L. Robert Johnson) loon on.

Back in Britain, the Roman ambassador Lucius arrives to collect a long overdue tribute that is owed by Cymbeline (Tim Baird) to the Roman emperor.  At the advice of his royal advisors, the king refuses and Rome declares war on Britain.

In the Welsh forest of Milford Haven, the banished Lord Belarius (Clark Williams) is confronted by his two adopted children Guiderius (TIffany Clementi, on stool) and Arviragus (Hannah Wolfe) about their unadventurous life.  The kids are actually the children of the king, stolen by Belarius in revenge for his banishement.

Pisanio (Chance Parker) is instructed by Posthumous to take Imogen into the woods of Milford Haven and kill her for her supposed infidelity with Iachimo. Pisanio instead tells Imogen (Laura Malone) of the plot and a distressed Imogen dares her to carry out the deed.  Pisanio later convinces Imogen to confront Posthumous in Rome and gives her a disguise to sneak out of the country.

Back at court, Cloten informs the king and queen that Imogen is missing.

Cloten (Cedric Hill) confronts Pisanio (Chance Parker) on the whereabouts of Imogen.

The triumphant hunters return to their cave only to find a disguised Imogen has taken up residence.  Imogen is lost and welcomed by Belarius and his family.  The girls are strangely drawn to their new "male" for reasons they don't understand.

A sick Imogen takes a medicinal potion given to her by Pisanio given to her by the queen.  The queen wanting to poison Pisanio gave her the potion but in reality was a sleeping agent.  Here Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) and Arviragus (Hannah Wolfe) lament over a supposedly dead Imogen.

Cymbeline (Tim Baird), with the help of Belarius and his family, emerges victorious over the invading Romans and in the play's final wrap up scene confronts the captured Iachimo on the disappearance of his daughter.

After all relations and plots are revealed, the Roman soothsayer is called to interpret a table that was given to Posthumous during a diving encounter with the god Jupiter.  In it, the god blesses the marriage of Posthumous and Imogen and bestows good fortune on Cymbeline with the return of his long lost children.


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