Kenilworth Show

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Kenilworth Borough Hall,

Kenilworth, NJ

August 3, 2004

An audience perspective of the opening scene of the show.

Newly married but soon to be separated childhood sweethearts Princess Imogen (Laura Malone) and the poor Posthumous (John Trigonis) exchange gifts and brief moment alone.

The evil queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown), Imogen's wicked stepmother, keeps a watchful eye on the newlyweds and plots to put her son on the throne.


The queen's idiotic son Cloten (Cedric Hil, center) interrupts the smart aleck aside of one of his aides (Tiffany Clementi) as his other attendant (Hannah Wolfe) tries to get his friend out of trouble.

Pisanio (Chance Parker), Posthumous' former servant, tries to comfort her new mistress Imogen.

Banished to Rome, Posthumous arrives at the home of his family's friend Philario.  Also guests at Philario's house are an effete Frenchman (Clark Williams) and the slimey con man Iachimo (Freeman Borden).

Trying to get Pisanio out of the way, the queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) gives her a box of supposed medicines but what she actually believes are poisons supplied to the queen by the court doctor.  The doctor however, suspecting the queen's intentions gives her sleeping potions instead.


The crafty Iachimo (Freeman Borden) arrives in Britain having bet Posthumous that he could bed his wife Imgoen.  The career con man sees an easy score for Posthumous expensive ring.  Above he engages Imogen (Laura Malone) and Pisanio (Chance Parker) with supposed letters from Posthumous.

Imogen rebukes Iachimo's pathetic attempts at seduction.


Iachimo (Freeman Borden) resorts to sneaking into Imogen's bedroom via a clothes trunk to gain some inside information to help him win the bet.

Iachimo spies intimate details of the bedroom and the valuable bracelet that he then steals as "proof" of his conquest of the princess.

The clueless Cloten (Cedric Hill) attempts to serenade Imogen as she sleeps with a little musical help from his aides.

Cloten (Cedric Hill) really spreads the charm with some physical affection.

Back in Rome, the supposedly triumphant Iachimo shows his proof and an angered Posthumous swears revenge on his wife.


Pisanio (Chance Parker) receives a disturbing letter from Posthumous that she must kill Imogen because he knows that she has been unfaithful to him.


In the Welsh forest of Milford Haven, the long lost children of King Cymbeline Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) and Arviragus (Hannah Wolfe) confront their "father" Belarius (Clark Williams) about their lonely life in the forest.

Having snuck away from the court and unable to kill her mistress, Pisanio (Chance Parker) tells Imogen (Laura Malone) of Posthumous' letter and tells her to run away to Rome to confront him.

Disguising herself as a boy, Imogen makes her way to the Rome but encounters her long lost siblings who mysteriously take to her.

Cloten (Cedric Hill), having discovered Imogen's whereabouts travels as well to Milford Haven but in encountered by Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) who challenges him to a fight.

Having killed Cloten and saying goodbye to a supposedly dead Imogen, the family prepare to engage an invading Roman army.  Rome has declared war Cymbeline for refusing to pay a tribute to it's emperor.

With the help of his long lost kids, Cymbeline (Tim Baird) emerges victorious over the invading Romans, which a disguised Posthumous and Iachimo were part.  In the play's final wrap up scene he questions them with Imogen still disguising her true identity.

The play's final scene, the Roman Soothsayer (Tammy Dalton-Brown, center) reveals that the marriage of Posthumous and Imogen was divinely inspired and that the gods have blessed Cymbeline with that and the return of his long lost children.  Everyone is reconciled in the end.


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