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Pier A Park, Hoboken, NJ

August 9, 2004

Two courtiers (Hannah Wolfe, left and Tiffany Clementi) of King Cymbeline's court set up the play's story of the orphaned Posthumous Leonatus and his recent marriage to the king's daughter Imogen

The wicked queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown, center), Princess Imogen's (Laura Malone) stepmother, keeps close tabs on her and her soon to be banished husband Posthumous (John Trigonis).

Imogen (Laura Malone) pleads to her father (Tim Baird) for Posthumous' return.

Cloten (Cedric Hill), the idiotic son of the queen, is given lip service by one of his aiding lords (Hannah Wolfe).

Posthumous' servant Pisanio (Chance Parker, right) tries to comfort Imogen after Posthumous departure.

Posthumous travels to Rome to stay with Philario, a friend of his late father's.  At his estate he also meets two other guests, the effete Frenchman (Clark Williams) and the roguish con man Iachimo (Freeman Borden, left)

The crafty Iachimo (Freeman Borden) wagers Posthumous (John Trigonis) that he can bed his supposedly virtuous wife Imogen.  Posthumous, confident in his wife's virtue accepts and he wager's his ring.  

To get Pisanio out of the way, the queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) procures a box of supposed poisons and gives it to her.  However, suspecting the queen's intentions, the court physician gave her sleeping potions instead.

Iachimo (Freeman Borden) arrives in Britain and attempts to seduce Imogen *Laura Malone) by attempting to get on her good side.

However, she sees past his sleazy advances, so Iachimo tries another tact.

Convincing Imogen that he can be trusted, Iachimo asks her to look after a trunk of "gifts" that Posthumous has an interest in.  Instead he uses the opportunity to sneak into her bedroom and gain inside information to help him win the wager.

Cloten (Cedric Hill) attempts to win Imogen's heart by serenading her, however, his singing voice and musical choices leave much to be desired.

Cloten tries to charm Imogen by pawing her and smothering her with affection but she rejects his advances.

The royal family gathers to hear to hear the Roman ambassador who has come to collect a tribute for the Roman emperor that King Cymbeline has not paid.

In the Welsh forest of Milford Haven, the banished lord Belarius (Clark Williams), lives with his two "daughters", Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) and Arviragus (Hannah Wolfe), who are really the children of the king.

As Iachimo returns to Rome and announces to Posthumous that he has "successfully slept" with Imogen, the distraught Posthumous sends a letter to Pisanio to kill Imogen.  Above, Pisanio takes Imogen to the forest of Milford Haven to instruct her of Posthumous' intent.

Fleeing as her only option, Imogen, with Pisanio's help, disguises herself as a boy and tries to hook up with the Roman ambassador but instead runs into her long lost relatives.  Guiderius and Arviragus gleefully greet this new "male" stranger.

Cloten, having learned of Imogen's whereabouts, travels to Milford Haven to ravish her, but instead meets up with Guiderius and her family.  Guiderius challenges Cloten to a duel where she cuts off his head.  Above, she confronts Belarius and Arviragus with the news.

Rome invades and is defeated by King Cymbeline and with a little help from his long lost kids.  In the play's wrap up scene, Cymbeline (Tim Baird) grills Iachimo as to what he knows of Imogen's disappearance.

The true identities of Guiderius and Arviragus are revealed by an emotional Belarius.


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