Shipyard Show

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Shipyard Park, Hoboken, NJ

August 2, 2004

An audience perspective on one of the show's opening scenes.

Posthumous (John Trigonis, right) arrives at the house of his friend Philario (L. Robert Johnson, left) and is greeted by an affected Frenchman (Clark WIlliams).

The slimey rogue Iachimo (Freeman Borden) cons Posthumous into a wager for his valuable ring. 

The queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) gives Pisanio (Chance Parker), Imogen's servant a special "gift".  A box filled with poisons disguised as medicines that Imogen later takes. 

Arriving in Britain and meeting his quarry Imogen, Iachimo steadies himself to win his wager to seduce Imogen.  Imogen (Laura Malone) and Pisanio (Chance Parker) read a supposed letter from Posthumous.

The virtuous Imogen (Laura Malone) rebukes the pathetic advances of Iachimo (Freeman Borden) who resorts to sneaking into her bedroom to steal some "proof" of his adulterous conquest.

Having stolen Imogen's Bracelet, a gift given to her by Posthumous, Iachimo shows off his prize as proof that he has slept with Imogen and won the wager.

Back in Britain, the Roman ambassador Lucius (L. Robert Johnson, left) arrives to collect a tribute due to his emperor from King Cymbeline though Cymbeline (Tim Baird, center), his wife and stepson Cloten (Cedric Hill) refuse.

The queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) relishes in the disappearance of Imogen from the court.

 Cloten (Cedric Hill) corners Pisanio (Chance Parker) in an attempt to find out where Imogen has gone.

In the Welsh forest of Milford Haven, the long lost children of the king Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi, left) and Arviragus (Hannah Wolfe) are raised by Belarius (Clark Williams), the man who stole them and banished lord of the king.

Diguised as a boy and trying to make her way to the Rome, Imogen finds her long lost relatives and some much needed rest.

Ariviragus (Hannah Wolfe, left) and Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi, right) immediately take to the new "male" guest but don't know why the relate to this stranger so well. 

Cloten travels to Milford Haven to find Imogen but encounters a ready to fight Guiderius instead.

Guiderius having won her duel and chopping off Cloten's head steadies her worried "father", Belarius (Clark Williams).

Having taken the "medicines" of the queen, Imogen falls into a deep sleep that makes her appear dead.  Guiderius and Arviragus mourn of their newly found friend. 

After the climatic battle at the end of the play, the victorious Cymbeline tries to sort out his Roman prisoners and how Iachimo (Freeman Borden) fits into his daughters disappearance.

Posthumous (John Trigonis) reveals his true identity and confronts Iachimo.

Pisanio confronts the newly revealed Imogen about the supposed poisons in the play's final wrap up scene.


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