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Stratford Library, Stratford, CT

August 14, 2004

Two chief courtiers of King Cymbeline's court discuss the recent goings on with the king's daughter Imogen marrying the poor but noble Posthumous.

The ever watchful wicked queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) keeps her eye on her stepdaughter Imogen (Laura Malone) and Posthumous (John Trigonis).

The idiotic prince Cloten (Cedric Hill) tries to figure out where he went wrong in loosing a duel to Posthumous as his attendant (Hannah Wolfe) tries to massage his bruised ego.

Imogen (Laura Malone) mournfully reflects on the loss of her husband as her servant Pisanio (Chance Parker) tries to offer some comfort.

Banished to Rome, Posthumous arrives at the home of his friend Philario.  Above, Philario's guests the slimey conman Iachimo (Freeman Borden) and the effete Frenchman (Clark Williams).

In an attempt to get Posthumous' expensive ring, Iachimo seizes on the talk of the virtuous Imogen.  He wages Posthumous that he can easily bed her and bets his estate against the ring.  Posthumous, confident in his wife, agrees to the silly bet.

Iachimo (Freeman Borden), used to seducing easy courtesans, meets his match in the fiery Imogen (Laura Malone) and tries another tact to win the bet.

Cloten questions his smart aleck attendant (TIffany Clementi) for certain asides made at Cloten's expense.

Resorting to obtaining some personal information, Iachimo uses a trunk to sneak into Imogen's room.

Iachimo steals a bracelet to prove he slept with Imogen.

Trying to win the heart of Imogen, Cloten (Cedric Hill) uses his powers of musical persuasion to serenade Imogen in the wee hours of the morning with his attendants providing backup.

The queen (Tammy Dalton-Brown) advises Cloten (Cedric Hill) not to screw up his courtship of Imogen.

Imogen (Laura Malone) puts up with Cloten's advances.

Back in Rome, Iachimo (Freeman Borden) proves he won the bet to a shocked Posthumous (John Trigonis) and Philario (L. Robert Johnson).

Arriving to collect a long overdue tribute for the Roman emperor, the ambassador Lucius (L. Robert Johnson) faces off with a cocky Cloten (Cedric Hill).  As the Britains refuse to pay, Rome declares war.

In the wilds of Wales and the forest of Milford Haven, the banished lord Belarius raises the lost children of the king.  Years before in revenge he stole the children but has raised them as his own.  Above, the fiesty Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) argues with her "father" about wanting to pursue life outside their humble abode.

Belarius shows disapproval at the kids desire to explore beyond their forest.  Above right Ariviragus (Hannah Wolfe).

PIsanio (Chance Parker) informs Imogen that Posthumous has written to her to kill Imogen for a supposed infidelity and to do it out in the woods of Milford Haven.  Imogen (Laura Malone), crazed at her world falling apart, snags the dagger and dares Pisanio to kill her.  Pisanio convinces her instead to seek out Posthumous and to disguise herself as boy to get to Rome.

Returning to the palace, Pisanio (Chance Parker) is cornered by Cloten (Cedric Hill) who learns where Imogen has gone.

A disguised and lost Imogen finds her siblings and take a brief rest with them.

Having followed Imogen, Cloten instead finds Guiderius (Tiffany Clementi) and is challenged to a duel.  Guiderius kills Cloten by chopping off his head.  Upon returning to her family, the group discovers that Imogen has "died" but instead is asleep from taking the queen's potion.

The Roman army invades with Iachimo in tow and Posthumous who has switched sides.  Here they square off by Posthumous spares him.

With a little help from Guiderius, Arviragus, and Belarius, the Britains win over the invading Romans.  In the play's final wrap up all the secret relations are revealed.

The Roman Soothsayer (Tammy Dalton-Brown) interprets a tablet left to Posthumous during a divine intervention by the god Jupiter.  The tablet blesses his marriage to Imogen and bestows good fortune on Cymbeline by having his lost children restored to him.


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