South Orange Show

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Meadowland Park, South Orange, NJ

July 13, 2004

Lysistrata (Andrea Bigga, left) tries to convince her socialite neighbor Kleonike (Laura Malone) that the women of Athens can do something to stop the war between their city and Sparta.

Kleonike considers the absurdity of Lysistrata's plan


The rest of the women arrive to hear about Lysistrata's plan for peace.

Lampito (Tyleen Kelly) and Ismenia (Hannah Wolfe) are shocked when the find out the secret ingredient in Lysistrata's plan - abstaining from sex with their husbands.

Kleonike tries to squirm out of the plan but to no avail to a steadfast Lysistrata.

The men of Athens arrive bearing logs to smoke the women out of the acropolis lead on by the Commissioner of Public Safety (Matt Woods, center).

The female chorus arrives to see what all the smoke is about and finds a flatulant prayer session in progress.


Fighting ensues between the two sides.

and the Commissioner gets the full brunt of the assault.


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