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David Brearly Middle School

Kenilworth, NJ

July 20, 2004

The female chorus (from left, Doriane Swain, Hannah Wolfe, and Chance Parker) highlight the play's mature themes.

An audience perspective of the opening scene from the show.


An annoyed Lysistrata (Andrea Biggs) rages against her own sex for it's lack of prioities.

Her musings are confirmed as her materially obsessed neighbor Kleonike (Laura Malone) can't keep her mind on Lysistrata's plan.

Lysistrata gathers her "troops" together as groups of women come from around Athens and even their enemy Sparta to her her about her plan to bring peace to the warring cities.

Lysistrata tries to hold her fragile alliance together as she finally reveals the secret weapon in her peace plan - having the women abstain from sex with their husbands.  The women don't exactly take it very well.


In a last ditch attempt to hold things together, Lysistrata implores the Spartan Lampito (Tyleen Kelly) to help her out.

The group finally comes together and they swear a divine oath to Lysistrata's plan.

The men of Athens lead by the Commissioner of Public Safety (Matt Woods, left) arrive on the scene to smoke the women out of the Acropolis.  Striking several dramatic poses along the way.

The female chorus pray to Athena for help in their initial encounter with the men.


Lysistrata arrives to rally her troops and being the first assault.

After some coaching the women come into their own and the Commissioner takes the brunt of their attack.

After being captured, the Commissioner is forced to listen to the women's grievances and afterwards is dressed for release.


Having battled the men and won, Lysistrata now faces her toughest battle, dealing with her horny own women. Here she describes how sitting around the acropolis is driving everyone crazy. 

Chorus woman (Chance Parker) attempts to be excused from the "war" because of spontaneous pregnancy that she has to deal with.

Myrrhine (Jean Arlea), with the help of Lysistrata, teases her enflamed husband Kinesias (Jonathan Brown) to the point of submission.

Unable to take the frustrating situation, the men call for Lysistrata to make her demands and broker a peace.

The Commissioner (Matt Woods) and Kinesias (Jonathan Brown) take well to the new found peace and drink provided by the women.

Finally both sides rejoice the peace with feasting and dancing.


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