Sinatra Park Show

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Sinatra Park, Hoboken, NJ

July 24, 2004

The female chorus (from left Chance Parker, Hannah Wolfe, and Doriane Swain) greet the audience at the beginning of the play and highlight the PG-13 rating of the show.

Agitated by her fellow women, Lysistrata (Andrea Biggs) listens to her neighbor Kleonike (Laura Malone) drone on about why the women Lysistrata has summoned have not arrived. 

Lampito (Tyleen Kelly, center) arrives with her contingent (From left, Hannah Wolfe, Chance Parker, and Cathy Hersh) and are greeted by Lysistrata and her friend Myrrhine (Jean Arlea).

Lysistrata chastises Myrrhine (Jean Arlea) and the rest of her sworn sisters after she announces the key factor in her peace plan - abstaining from sex. 

Lysistrata pleads with Lampito(Tyleen Kelly)  to stay the course.

After some hard convincing, Lysistrata gathers her troops and they seal their plan with an oath and sacrifice.



The Commissioner of Public Safety (Matt Woods) leads his men on to take back the acropolis from these renegade women.


The men attempt to light the first of many unsuccessful fires to smoke the women out.

The female chorus arrives on the scene to greet the fire wielding men.

And the male charge is answered in kind with a pitchers of water.

General Lysistrata gathers her troops of veteran shoppers to answer this attack on their position.  

The two sides come to blows with any implement they can find.  Kleonike (Laura Malone) tries to attack the commissioner with a chamber pot.


  The Commissioner (Matt Woods) is swept up in an assault by the female chorus.

Abandoned by his men, the Commissioner is forced to listen to the complaints of the women.

As he is released, Lysistrata must deal with the morale of her own troops.  The need for sex.

In one audacious attempt, one of the female chorus (Chance Parker) has a convenient spontaneous pregnancy that she has to attend to.

The situation worsens as the enraged husband of Myrrhine (Jean Arlea) approaches the acropolis to get his wife back.  As Lysistrata (Andrea Biggs)  plots what to do about the approaching man, Kleonike (Laura Malone) wonders what to do with the approaching man.

However, Myrrhine and Lyistrata leave Kinesias (Jonathan Brown) less then satisfied.


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