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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ

June 3, 2004

Aegeus (L. Robert Johnson) pleads to Duke Theseus (Josh Hill) to force his daughter Hermia (Jennifer Short, kneeling) to marry Demetrius (Nathan DeCoux) and not Lysander (John Trigonis).


The mismatched pair Theseus (Joshua Hill) and Hippolyta (Gyda Arber) awkwardly await their upcoming nuptial. 


Lysander and Hermia plot to elope.

Bottom (Carlos R. Fernandez) performs for the enjoyment of his fellow mechanical actors and to the stress of his director Peter Quince (L. Robert Johnson).

Bottom instructs Snug (Michelle Smith) on how to perform the role of Lion. 


Bottom, Snout (Lisa Perez)  and Flute (David Law) rehearse the "Wall Scene" from Pyramus and Thisbe.

Puck (Andrew Gruen) informs Titania's fairy (Michelle Smith) of his many prankish exploits.

Puck leads the newly transformed Bottom to Titania's bower.

Titania (Gyda Arber) has her fairies attend on Bottom (Carlos R. Fernandez).

Oberon (Joshua Hill) recounts his encounter with Titania to Puck.

The happy couples gather to hear the play.

An irritated Moonshine (Katherine Harte) provides light for the hammy Pyramus (Carlos R. Fernandez)


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