Kenilworth, NJ

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Borough Hall



Located in the heart of Union County, is the community of Kenilworth, NJ.  The town's position just outside the urban areas of Elizabeth and Newark offers many varied locales of quiet suburban life with easy access to its metropolitan counterparts.  While some settlements in the area can be traced back to a pre-Revolutionary farming community, such as the Sayre-Shallcross home, near Black Brook Park (Circa 1710) The community began in the late 1800s as a real-estate venture by the New Orange Industrial Association.  Because New Orange was often confused with one of the Essex County Oranges, the community adopted the name Kenilworth when it was created as a borough in 1907.  The project remaining partners referred to their ongoing corporation Kenilworth Realty which derived the name from a literary society to which they belonged.  The Kenilworth Club was named in honor of Sir Walter Scott’s renowned novel Kenilworth. Published in 1821, the novel relates to England’s famous Kenilworth Castle, which in 1563 was gifted by Queen Elizabeth I to her favorite suitor, Robert Dudley.

Above, a wintry picture of the Kenilworth Borough Hall with its surrounding grounds. 


Some other notable facts about the town:

·        Famed aviator James Doolittle, who in 1942 won particular acclaim for his raid on Tokyo, crashed his plane in Kenilworth on the foggy night of March 14, 1929, while attempting an emergency landing at Kenilworth’s former airfield located near North 24 Street. Doolittle credited the accident with reinforcing his commitment to finding a solution to all-weather flying. He later achieved this through the use of blind-landing instrumentation — a feat considered to be one of the aviator’s most notable aeronautical achievements

·        Upsala College, the Rahway Valley Railroad and the Kenilworth Inn, all of which were formerly located in Kenilworth, attracted many famous people to the area, including Thomas Edison, who conducted research projects here, and former Sen. Thomas Heflin (D-Ga.), who aspired to run for the U.S. presidency in the 1932 election.

·        The original Kenilworth Inn, located at the corner of 20th Street and the Boulevard, housed in its stables the acclaimed Kensington Riding Academy. This foremost equestrian academy in northern New Jersey hosted many prominent horse shows and rodeos.

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