Secaucus, NJ

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Buchmuller Park



In the area of northern New Jersey known as the Meadowlands, named for its miles of natural wetlands, sits the ever redefining community of Secaucus.  Unlike many communities across the country whose town centers, traffic layouts and town identities can remain the same across decades, Secaucus has reinvented itself time and again to suit the changes landscape of the Garden State. 

An aerial view of the city of Secaucus and its border on the Hackensack River.  Many of the wetlands that gave the Meadowlands its name still flank the area.

The community can trace its roots back to the prerevolutionary era as a series of farms providing produce and livestock for the growing metropolitan areas of New York and Newark.  As more and more people moved out from the cities, Secaucus became one of the many closely knit "small town" communities dotting the Northern New Jersey.  In the 1970's, the area changed forever with the addition of the Meadowlands Sports Complex.  Home now to the Meadowland Race Track, Continental Airlines Arena and Giants Stadium, the surrounding area was quickly redeveloped with hotels, shopping centers and improved highway construction.  Today the community of Secaucus, is one the premier convention areas in the country, providing easy access to both the Meadowlands complex and New York city. While the outlining areas have continued to urbanize at a good clip, the town center itself, continues to hold on to its small town feel with many generational families continuing to reside there.

The sports complex that redefined the northeast's sporting habits.  Today home of the New York Giants, New York Jets, and championship NJ Devils, the complex also serves as the region's premiere venue for headline concerts and horseracing.  Above the eastern facade of Giants stadium

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